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Allah cannot be seen in this world


Is it possible to see Allah (swt) in this world and in Hereafter? Near my house there is a man (called peer Sahab) who claims to see Allah every day. Is this claim acceptable in Shariah?


"The person who claims to see Allah every day is a liar, and his claim is absolutely baseless and unacceptable. Ulama and the experts of Islamic Shariah have mentioned that no one can see Allah in this world, with the naked eyes, and the Qur???an has proved this undoubted description, it says, ??? When eyes cannot find Him and He can find the eyes, and He is extremely subtle and All-aware.???  (6:104)

It means that Allah is invisible and cannot be seen in this world. And, it has been reported that Abdullah Ibn Shaqeeq said to Abu Dharr Al-Ghiffari, ???If I had met the Messenger of Allah (saws), I certainly would have asked him a question.??? Abu Dharr asked, ???What is it that you wished to ask????  He said, ???I would have asked, ???Did you, O Messenger of Allah, see your God???? Abu Dharr said, ???I had asked him this question to which he had replied, ???Allah is Noor (Light)! How could I have seen Him???? (Tirmidhi)

From the above quoted verse of the Qur???an and the passages of the Hadith it is clear that no one can see Allah in this world. Yes, the Prophet???s (saws) having seen Allah (peace be upon him) on the night of Miraj occurred but not in this world, and it is an established belief amongst Muslims that the inhabitants of Paradise will be able to see Allah, and the greatest blessing in Paradise will be the Deedar (Vision) of Allah, and there are numerous proofs for this. Firstly, the Qur???an says: ???Some faces that day (Qiyamat) will be (in brightness and beauty) looking towards their Lord.???(Al-Qiyamah: 22)

It is obvious from this verse that the Lord will give an opportunity in the Day of Judgment to some people to see Him. Secondly, the Hadith says that the Holy Prophet of Islam (saws) said, ???You will see your Lord clearly as you see the moon. (Al-Bukhari)

Besides these proofs there are many other proofs for that Allah (swt) will reveal Himself to the people of Paradise. In short, a Vision of God is, as shown to us in the guidelines of the Shariah, is impossible in this world as it is only possible in the Hereafter. "

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