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Making Dua Collectively


Please explain to us the Dua, which is made collectively by the Muslims of the Congregation in a mosque after the Imam, which is done as a ritual in many mosques across the city and the country? To hold a collective gathering of Dua after a collective worship is permitted but what about making collective Dua after individual worships? Is it Sunnah or Bid???ah? Please comment.



"The Dua should be made in a brief way after the Obligatory Prayers. As far as making Dua after Sunnah and Nafl prayers is concerned; it should be clearly understood that this act is not supported by the sayings, or the deeds of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saws), and all the reliable authorities of Islam, and the Muslim schools of Thought. So it is a Bid???ah, which should be shunned. Hazrat Mufti Mohammad Shafi has written in his ???Fatawa??? that the former scholars did not practice collective gathering of Dua after Sunnah prayers and neither any Tradition of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saws) approves of it. So, it is an innovation on the part of any Muslims to assemble for Dua after Sunnah Prayers because it does not come within the limitations of the Islamic Shariah and is ruled an act of Bid???ah by learned Islamic scholars."


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