Running an Institute for games

We want to teach others a game named snooker for which the government gives a license and we take remuneration on it. For this purpose we have rented a place and it is forbidden for every one to gamble or place their bets on it. Is it right to teach others such kinds of games and is it lawful to run such an institute?


"It is lawful to play such games or run a center for this purpose without any money being involved by the parties playing the game for winning or losing the game, and it should be played within the limits set by the Islamic Shariah, in the way that it should not disturb one or prevent him from offering the Salah at the appointed times. And, one should not be engrossed in the game in a way that one forgets his other religious and worldly duties. At the same time one should note whether this game is useful or not. If the game is useful then it is right, otherwise Islam does not allow Muslims to waste their time aimlessly in nonsensical acts and stupid games, which will not benefit them in this world or in the Hereafter. The Prophet of Allah (saws) has said,  Every kind of play in this world is false except three things that you play with your bow and arrow and that you play while training your horse and that you play with your wife because these are among acceptable rights. In this Hadith every kind of play has been declared as false with the exception of the three mentioned above.

In short, one can play a game in the limits of the Shariah without encroaching on the commands of Islam. "


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