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In the Name Of Allah, The most Beneficent, The Most Merciful
Hearty Welcome to our Web Site and May the choicest Blessings be from Allah be showered upon you. You have entered into a realm of knowledge of Islam designed and formatted such that it is made easy for you to browse through the waves and tides of the knowledge pertaining to various subjects and matters dealt in Islam in a clear and lucid manner, the architect being none other than the very well-known and reputed scholar from Bangalore Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Shuaibullah Khan Miftahi, whose name is whispered with deep respect and affection in those circles where in-depth talks and seminars of extreme importance and necessity are held in India. You can listen to him talk on various topics, contemporary or spiritual, both in the Friday lectures and on the lectures delivered in Majlisof Thursdays. You can also peruse thru Fatawas framed by him endorsed with fact and evidence, his books written and authored with excellent precision and to the point, articles from his monthly published magazine, the “Islamic Vision”, his heart rending odes and “Ash’aar” of Hamds and Naaths, his commentary of the Holy Qur’an and the Hadith. We would like you to know him better and thus we bring to you here a brief introduction of Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Shuaibullah Khan SahubMiftahi.
Place, Date of Birth and Family:
Born into the clan of “Baid” of Baidwadi at Bangalore District, on the 13th of Rajab 1381hijri according to the Islamic Calendar and on 1 January 1961 as per the English Calendar, both his father JanabAbdurRasheed and mother both were from the “Baid” clan. The area in which their settlements were constituted at Bangalore came to be known as “Baidwadi”, and their mosque “Masjid-e-Baid”.
Academic career in Modern Education:
His primary education i.e. till seventh was at Conrad Primary School, in Bangalore. Then he studied at R.B.A.N.M.S.school  till the ninth and he completed his tenth in Abdul Bari’s High School, Bangalore,  which academically at that period of time was equivalent to the present day University grade.
Academic career in Islamic education:
“Hifz”- Memorizing the Holy Qur’an:
Along with his school career he studied the correct recitation of the Holy Qur’an and at the same time memorized the Holy Qur’an under the tutelage of Hafiz AbdurRahman Sahib Katki and the most astounding and admirable part is that he started the memorization of the Holy Qur’an when he was studying in the seventh standard and by the Grace and Blessings of Allah, committed it to the heart the same year.
“Aalimiyat”- Graduation into Scholarship:
He began his studies into the “Aalimiyat” course at Jalalabad’s reputed Madrasa “JamiaMiftahulUloom” whose rector was the renowned scholar Hazrat Shah Maseehullah Khan Sahib. He studied here till the fourth grade. The fifth and the sixth grade he studied at “Ashraf UlUloom” in Gangoh, U.P.For completion and graduation he returned back to “MiftahUlUloom” at Jalalabad wherein he also bagged the certification of “Mufti” under the tutelage of Moulana Mufti Naseer Ahmed Sahib (rh).
“Khilafat” (Deputation) and Permission:
From childhood he was not much interested in games or amusements of any sort, but would devote most of his time in devotions and supplications.To perfect himself in the disciplines of spiritual developments known in the Islamic terminology as “Sulook” and “Tasawwuf” he submitted himself to the complete guidance of Hazrat Shah Maseehullah Khan Sahib Miftahi (rh) when he was still a student studying at the Jamia. He continued to progress under the guidance of Hazrat Maseehullah sahib, attend his gatherings(Majalis) till he passed away. After the demise of Hazrat Maseehullah Khan Sahib (rh), he took the oath of fealty (Baiyyat) on the hands of Hazrat Shah AbrarUlHaqSahib (rh)of Hardoi. In his last days, Hazrat Shah AbrarulHaqSahib, wrote letters to all his followers that doctors had advised him not to write or strain himself and that they better look out for a professional guide in the matters of spiritual development.So Mufti Shuaibullah Khan then looked to Hazrat Meharbaan Ali Sahib of Badoth who not only took him as his favorite student but also granted him “Khilafat” (deputation). Then after the death of Hazrat Meharbaan Ali Sahib (rh) he took the guidance of Hazrat Faqihul Islam Hazrat MaulanaMuzaffar Ali Hussain Sahib (rh) who granted him deputation.
His works:
Allah has blessed him with a heart which beats for mankind and especially the Muslim Community in particular. He has completely devoted his life for the services required by Islam and is fully occupied thereof. For this he regularly keeps travelling across India be they remote or near. The fields in which he works are vast but we shall try here to outline briefly his fields of work.
He is the founder and rector of JamiaIslamiaMaseehUlUloom, which is considered to be one amongst the best of the Madrasas in the country. Its rise and progress is one his biggest achievements. The Jamia was founded and started in the year 1404 hijri i.e. 1984 A.D. from which more than a hundred scholars have graduated and are now serving Islam in many aprts of the Country. More than 300 Huffaz have been trained and deputed from here. Approximately250 students stay at the Jamia enjoying it’s hostel facilities and other benefits. The expenditure of the Jamia is 32 lakhs annually. The syllabus of the Jamia is of a very high standard and has the approval of all the elders. For more details of the Jamia one can go to the link on the introduction of the Jamia.
Imamat&Khitabat: He has been from the past 27 years the Imam and khateeb of the Masjid e Baid. His sermons and lectures are very popular. People travel long distances just to hear him and refresh their beliefs and faith. Since his every move and word is a translation of the Deoband school of thought and due to his foresightedness and solemnness, he emits a gravity of confidence and faith which is not lost on any one interacting with him. One can listen to his rousing sermons and lectures which number more than 300 on this website.
Literature : He is also considered to be one of the most influential writers in India. From his pen has flown literature with complete references and proofs to counter the needs and necessities as required by the time and demand of the era. He has written more than 50 books. In fact his every work is a remarkable piece of literature and the need of the hour but one of his work which is completely in Arabic and deals in the rulings of the commentary of the Holy Qur’an, “NafhatulAbeer fee Muhammatil Tafseer” is a laudable work of literature which has been appreciated by both the Indian scholars and the scholars of the Arab World.  One can go through his works on the “Books” link.
The English Monthly, “Islamic Vision”: Heis also the Editor in Chief and the Publisher of an Islamic English Monthly Magazine known as the “Islamic Vision” which is been regularly published since six years and is read across India and in other countries. One of the objective of the magazine is that apart from conveying the message of the Holy Qur’an and the Hadith, there are works of the venerable elders published too so that a person gains the strength and confidence in following the teachings of Islam. It is infact a valuable gift to those who cannot read urdu or Arabic but want to know the true teachings of Islam. A link to “Islamic Vision” too has been allotted for the interested to go through.
School: He is also the founder of a school which is recognized by the Govt., and along with the modern subjects, syllabus on Islamic books too is added for the benefit of the students so that they not only learn the modern arts but are honed into moral and responsible Muslim citizens who learn what their Creator wants of them. More than 150 students are enrolled here and the school has classes’ upto the seventh grade.  The school is progressing every year under his guidance.
Ladies Classes:  Under the the management of the Jamia, a division to educate women has been started too during the evenings in which more than 200 ladies attend to adorn themselves with ornaments of the knowledge of Islam.
Madrasa Arabia Qadriya: This Madrasa too runs under his supervision both in the day and in the evening till night thus giving an opportunity to those who cannot afford time otherwise to learn the basic teachings of Islam. Almost 300 students benefit from this Madrasa under a strict and professional management by an appointed group of Ulema.
Hifz for Students: A separate section has been created by him for the memorization of the Holy Qur’an for students which runs from the afternoon till night and in the morning hours so that parents who aspire that their children become Huffaz apart from attending school can avail of the opportunity. It has been quite successful with at least a minimum of 40 students memorizing the Holy Qur’an in any part of the day.
Fatawa Department: Another of Hazrat’s achievements is the Fatawa Department. A large number of people have deep trust and confidence in the decisions taken by Hazrat. His fatwa are always considered to be the last word and viewed with great respect by other Ulema. More than 10 Madrasas run under his guidance and supervision
Spiritual Revival and Revolution: As he is an eminent scholar in the sciences of Islam so also he is proficient in the spiritual field. Just as many students thirst is satiated with listening to him on the subjects of knowledge related to the external subjects of devotions in Islam so also hundreds of his disciples satiate and perfect themselves from his advices on talks on “Tasawwuf” i.e. purifying and cleansing of one’s spirit. He is always engrossed in strategies and ways to purify and moralize decaying souls of the society and to seek ways so that their relationship with their Creator is built again. To endorse this he travels a lot and every Thursday after the Magrib prayer, he holds a gathering at Baidwadi in Bangalorewhich is attended in huge numbers.
Islamic Tijaara:He also holds a very responsible post in the advisory panel of an Islamic Finance Consultation Company known as the “Islamic Tijaara” based at Mumbai. To know more about it one can find the link on the web site.
MazaahirUlUloom: Hazrat also is a member of the top committee of one of the Biggest and very reputed Madrasa of India at Saharanpur, U.P., called “MazahirUlUloom”. He holds the post of the top advisors in the supreme council of the Madrasa.
The Objectives of the Web Site: It is apparent to everyone today that a lot is happening to hijack and slander Islam and wipe it out by many a faction through every mean and opportunity. One of the most potent weapons is the “Net”. To highlight the true and exact teachings and views of Islam, to guide those who have gone astray, to lend a hand to those who are floundering and to give a befitting reply to those who want to mislead and slander Islam are the main objectives of this web site.
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